Based in New York City, Zujaja is a creative label that conceptualizes and produces inspiring content through innovative production and an immersive approach. We focus on delivering an experience that speaks to the heart of the human condition, serving the intellectually and culturally curious of the world.

Founded in 2012 in Chicago, our experiences working in the journalism field allows us to better understand our era’s expectations and evolving ways of understanding information.

Nushmia Khan covers everything visual for Zujaja. She is currently working as a video producer for Inc. Magazine at 7 World Trade Center in New York City. Previously, she has worked at Columbia University and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. She is a trained photojournalist, video journalist and user experience designer.

Rashid Dar takes care of all research for Zujaja. He is currently working at Purpose in New York City, while completing his Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University. Rashid has previously studied Islam traditionally at Darul Qasim in Illinois. He has also worked as a media consultant for various organizations.

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