Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian Virgin Hair

The debate of when to utilize the term Remy, when is virgin a preferable name will likely continue. There are some who think about the entire thing a non-issue due to the fact that all the hair remains in a method chemically dealt with, even if it was not colored or permed, since the chemicals in our hair items consist of adequate chemicals to change any hair with time.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

All the cuticles need to be undamaged and running in the very same instructions. Because of that, it is typically called cuticle hair. The cuticle secures the hair from damage, leading to a shinier, smoother, softer and more long lasting hair that designs more naturally. This likewise suggests that more work is needed to keep the look of the hair.

Remy (Remi) and Brazilian virgin hair are terms that are typically utilized interchangeably, however they seldom, if ever, symbolize the exact same. Remy can be either virgin or non-virgin, however virgin is constantly Remy. What Remy and Brazilian virgin hair share is that both remain in the premium sector.

There is a great reason that is the Brazilian virgin hair thought about as superior quality and why it comes at the premium rates too. This hair is genuinely virgin and in its most natural state. To be categorized as virgin, the hair should satisfy extremely precise requirements: it should not be permed, colored, colored, bleached, unwinded, or otherwise chemically processed in any method. To certify as genuine Brazilian virgin hair, that hair should not be even blow-dried or exposed to extreme representatives such as cigarette smoke or drugs. All Brazilian virgin hair needs to originate from a single donor, which guarantees consistency in texture. The texture can be directly, wavy or curly. Often, Brazilian virgin hair texture can be changed utilizing a high pressure and heat approach, however considering that no chemical processing is included, this hair is still thought about as virgin.

Remy is that type of hair where all its cuticles are undamaged and face in the very same instructions: roots are on one side and suggestions on the other, similar to when the hair is growing naturally. This particular enables you to brush and treat your Remy extensions similar to you would your genuine hair. There is no tangling and matting like with non-Remy hair. The term Remy itself does not describe any trademark name, however to the procedure of gathering the hair that leaves the cuticles undamaged. Remy hair can be chemically dealt with to accomplish some rarer colors, and textured for more schedule.

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